Text Illustrations for the Sports or History Phanatic

I subscribe to a daily newsletter called Thrillist which focuses on cool events, happenings, and paid-for sponsorships in your local area.  Their cities range from LA to NYC to Miami.  Since I live in NYC I subscribe to the NYC daily email and since I still have my strong Philadelphia roots still entact, I read the Philly newsletter as well.  One day I read the Philly newsletter and came upon Daniel Duffy’s LionWord Text Illustrations and what a great time it was to read about it because my impossible-to-buy-for Father’s birthday was right around the corner :).

2008 World Series Champions the Philadelphia Phillies

Daniel specializes in creating text illustrations of major East Coast Sports teams who win the World Series including the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox.The entire picture is text of the World Series’ winning teams schedule including the date and team they played against that season, as well as the final score.  What makes it a truly interesting piece of art is how Daniel molds the text to form a next-to-exact picture of the famous player including Brad Lidge, Derek Jeter, and Jason Varitek.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" Speech

He also does text illustrations of famous speeches including the Inaugural Addresses from President Obama and President Lincoln to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech.  Daniel also can do custom illustrations if you give him a picture of you and a friend and/or family member.  Since he is a Philadelphia Phanatic at heart, he has done illustrations of Reggie White’s “Season of Sacks” from his Hall of Fame career, the 1973-74 Stanley Cup winning Philadelphia Flyers, and the late Harry K.’s best calls and Hall of Fame Speech.

I’ve ordered two prints from Daniel and he has been fantastic to work with, not to mention both who received these prints completely loved them- one a Phillies fan and one a Yankees fan.  I think these make a great gift especially for someone whose team is represented or for someone who is passionate about history and would enjoy posting a famous speech, such as those outlined above, on their wall.  Personally I’d like to see an illustration of the 2011 “Phantastic Phour” aka Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt.

Visit LionWord Illustrations for more information and to view Daniel Duffy’s gallery.

Til next time,


Shorty’s doesn’t fall Short on the Authentic Philly Cheesesteak Experience

Shorty’s is a Philadelphia bar with great specials located right near Times Square in Manhattan.  For most of you who know me, know that I’m a die-hard Philadelphia Sports fan and the fact that I found out about this place after the Phillies-Yankees World Series was a little upsetting, but I’m glad to know where it is now for future sports games especially for Eagles season.

Shorty's Bar located at 576 9th Ave between 41st and 42nd streets

My boyfriend decided to take me to this sports bar as he had purchased Groupon tickets for me and our friend Russ to get cheesesteaks and pork sandwiches.  Growing up and being from Philadelphia I can say I’ve had my share of cheesesteaks.  From the side corner pizza shops and food trucks, to the more well known places such as Pat’s and Gino’s (and not necessarily for the quality of the cheesesteaks- these two places were made famous by celebs), Tony Luke’s (dynamite in a roll), Jim’s on South Street, and Frusco’s steaks (known as the Ozzard of Whiz in NE Philly), and everywhere in between, I’ve had many cheesesteaks wit or wit-out whiz, and all the various toppings you can imagine.  Therefore I was excited to find a well-ranked cheesesteak place in Manhattan (you’d be surprised the amount of places that boast good cheesesteaks  up here in NYC that taste like rubber when Philly isn’t even far from Manhattan. I would expect that in Florida but not a place that’s only 2 ½ hours from Philly).

So we go to Shorty’s with our handy, dandy Groupons and I order a classic Philly cheesesteak wit whiz and onions, side of banana peppers, hot sauce, and of course topped with ketchup.  Rabbz got the Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak and our friend Russ ordered the Roast Pork Special, in an effort to tackle New York Magazine’s 101 Best Sandwiches, as this sandy is ranked #85 on that list.

Yum Yum YUM!

My review is that it was a GOOD cheesesteak- not the best I’ve ever had, but good enough for a Philly girl and other fellow Philadelphians who live and/or visit New York City.  The way they make the cheesesteak is authentic and you can’t go wrong wit whiz but the TRUE star here is the bread.  Every morning the dough is shipped straight from Philadelphia and baked on premises for true sandy enjoying pleasure.  I would absolutely recommend this place to friends, especially those from Philadelphia.  The bar has great, authentic Philly style food, nice atmosphere, and not a typical Philly bar in the sense that when I was there, they were playing both the Yankees and Phillies game.  I guess you HAVE to do that when you’re located in a certain city but I like that they were still showing the Philly sports games and supporting our teams back home.

So if you’ve never had a true Philly-style cheesesteak or pork sandwich, stop by Shorty’s and you’ll get a pretty authentic tasting.


Leave your cares, and ahem, The Industry, at the door at The Spa at The Setai

So I haven’t blogged in awhile- have been quite busy with finding an apt and a few other things. But I wanted to post about my recent spa experience at The Setai downtown in FiDi on Wall Street. Not only does the spa boast a grotto lounge area, complete with a sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi, but they also had this amazing cucumber-tasting water. I’m not a big fan of cucumber but this water was so good I just kept drinking it and drinking it. The interesting thing was it was a new “twist” to water if you will, rather than always fruity, strawberry, orange-blossom, mango flavors, the water had a type of crisp, non-sweet taste which I greatly enjoyed.

Relaxation Lounge at the Spa at The Setai

Ok enough about the water, time to discuss the spa treatment. My esthetician Anna was amazing and it was one of the most un-painful facials I’ve ever received. Now if any of you have received a facial before you know that it can sometimes be a not-so-pleasant experience and if you have sensitive skin like mine, sometimes you can walk out of the treatment room with spots and red marks like you just walked through a string of biting ants. But The Spa at The Setai was different. The treatment was luxurious, Anna was gentle on my skin, and my skin felt soft, smooth, and like it could actually BREATHE.

The only downside to my experience was, I was asked an industry question in the very beginning of my treatment regarding the event I was there receiving the treatment for. This made the rest of the treatment awkward since I was at the spa for the event taking place which not only was I asked my opinion on the discounted event but I was then disagreed with on that opinion. Most of you who know me know why I can’t mention this event and my reasoning for not doing so. However, a word to the wise, when someone in the industry is about to get a spa treatment I would let them relax and leave the industry at the door of the treatment room. Discussion of the spa industry and topics currently going on are great to discuss and I am quite willing to do so, but not when someone is about to receive a service, discounted or not.

All-in-all it was a great treatment and I’m happy I had the opportunity to experience The Spa at The Setai. I would highly recommend it to all and from what I heard in the lounge area their massages are quite luxurious as well. I’m all about the luxury but not about the industry talk in the treatment room. Next time I’ll be sure to bring up my profession at the end of the treatment or when leaving the spa so maybe I won’t be put in a weird spot.

Til next time


Her Name was Lola..


One of LolaFalk's truly unqiue and clever designs

For this blog post I wanted to spotlight a cutesy collection of handbags, totes, and clutches that I stumbled on via Etsy.com. I was so impressed by the collection that I put the link in my gchat status one day and shortly after ended up receiving this lovely clutch for my birthday from my boyfriend :).

The eclectic brand is called LolaFalk and offers handbags with different patterns and combinations of diverse fabrics including silk and suede.  Started by Lauren “Lola” Falkowski (yes now you get where the brand name came from just like I did after reading her full name) in Dallas, TX and from what I can gather from Lola’s Blog, she now lives in Brooklyn.  What I enjoy most about this brand is the unique style of the actual designs of the products therefore the clutch that  I received is uniquely mine, no one else will have that same clutch.  I also admire (especially because I know how frustrating sewing can be sometimes) that each product is cut and sewn by hand therefore the quality of the work is superb (and if you know your handbag history, this is truly how major brand/names have received recognition and become known for excellence).

LolaFalk Designs

Sophisticated and chic to wear to a wedding, but bold enough to look unique and make a statement, The Greta Purse by LolaFalk

Having my clutch most recently during my trip in the Bahamas was ideal.  Not only was the clutch convenient for all my belongings, and light and colorful for the beach, but I received numerous compliments from my family and Bahamanians I met while vacationing.  Everyone commented on the unique design, look, and feel of the clutch but also as something that none of them had ever seen before.  A truly outstanding product that I would like to make known to my fellow friends who enjoy a high-quality, colorful, and handy handbag.

*If your interested in seeing Lola’s designs check out the Brooklyn Indie Market on Saturday April 24th or
 Crafts in Chelsea on Saturday May 8th. *

You can be sure I’ll be checking out the show in Chelsea now that I have my eyes set on The Greta Purse.  Happy Shopping!

Here Comes the Sun

So tomorrow I go on vacation to the Bahamas and I am QUITE excited to say the least.

Have you ever experienced those times in your life when your just completely overwhelmed?  Like there’s way too much change going on in your life?  Well, I’ve felt that way for awhile now and I’m excited to go on vaca and get a mini-break from it all.

But anyway this blog is not a sob story. I  think everyone experiences those times in their life  and def needs a vaca and some sun to feel better.  I’ll be staying at my Aunt’s house who lives there now because of her work.  Yeah Secret Service stuff, cool right?

I know alot of people will be going on vacation and flying since summer is quickly approaching so I complied a quick “fly” guide, if you will, with a few tips when traveling specifically flying:

  • If you don’t really enjoy flying or need a little pick me up, pack your favorite snack.  This can range from anything like candy to trail mix or even something that you liked when you were a little kid like Lucky Charms or String Cheese (eventhough that might not taste so great by the time you get on the actual plane.)  For me I always pack Peach Rings and/or Gummy Bears. Very odd I know and I’m not even a big sweet tooth girl but the first time I flew was to Missouri. I was nervous so I brought one of my favorite snacks at the time which was Peach O’s Gummi Rings.  So bring your favorite snack it will calm you down or make you happy that you treated yourself.
  • iPod.  Great to have to listen to music and chill or maybe sleep.  If you have a newer iPod you can even watch TV Shows or Movies on it, which is perfect if you have a short flight with no entertainment. You’ll be there before the movie ends or right as the movie’s ending.

iPod Touch great for listening to music, surfing the web (when WiFi) is available, and watching movies and TV shows. This image is classic because it has one of the greats on it, Sir David Bowie.

  • Some basic essentials that everyone can relate to- water, hand wipes, vitamins or an immune booster, lip balm, maybe eye drops if you get dry eyes, a head pillow that wraps around your neck if your going to sleep, and last mints or gum.
  • Ladies (if guys’ are reading you might want to stop here since it’s Girl Talk) Makeup dries out skin especially on a plane; plus if you fall asleep it can get messy and definitely clog your pores. Avoid breakouts, messy mascara, and blackheads by skipping makeup on the flight.  Apply towards the end, right before you land, or even while your sitting, waiting to pull up to the gate. Last, avoid the mile-high club. JK or am I?
  • Keep yourself hydrated and have some fun! Who knows something great might happen like in the movie The Wedding Singer where Billy Idol walks out with the drink/food cart or you might get LOST…..AAAHHHHHHH!!! Say Hi to Sawyer for me if you do and watch out for Un-Locke.

Word Press is Right- Hello World! An Irish World that is…

So after months of saying I want to write a blog and I want to start a blog, I FINALLY have done it! I’m still getting used to using Word Press however after feeling pressure to write something interesting I thought of what was coming up in my life the next few days. A trip to the Bahamas is one of these things however I won’t bore you and rub in your face the details of this sunny vacation :)

But tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day, which being of Irish descent, I figured I would uncover and point out some of my favorite things about being Irish or things I like to celebrate/enjoy on St. Patty’s Day!

  • Freckles– Most people who are Irish have freckles.  Some even have them on their lips. They are the cutest things to have! Look at this kid he has a ton of them and he someday will also be known as a CP

Red-Headed Freckled Boy

  • Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s– Yes my dears this is one of my favorite things about the Saint Patrick’s Day season. These amazing, minty shakes only come out once a year (and I know don’t get me on started on why New York City does not serve them.  This was on my Pros/Cons list as a Con of staying in New York vs. moving back to Philly) and they are one of the greatest sweet treats, any sweet place, especially a fast food place like McDonald’s, can offer.

This amazing Milkshake only comes out once a year in honor of the Irish!

Whether you’re Irish or not, you need to try one of these and the handy Shamrock Shake Finder will help you find a McDonald’s near you that serves them.

  • Irish Potatoes & Irish Soda Bread– Continuing on with the food theme, Irish Potatoes and Irish Soda Bread are two of my favorite Irish treats to enjoy around this holiday season.  Some people have never seen Irish Potatoes or tried them. One of my favorite brands (popular in my hometown of Northeast Philly, a very Irish-Catholic part of Philadelphia) that you might like to investigate/check out while the coconut-cream and cinnamon potatoes are still in season, is the Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes Brand.  Very tasty indeed.

Oh Ryan's Irish Potatoes is a family-run company based in the Philadelphia area that has been producing Irish Potatoes since 1989. Order a box today- your Grandma or Mom-Mom will love you for it!

  • ShopIrish.com aka Creative Irish Gifts–  I’ve used this website easily four times in the last year for gifts for my Mom, Mom-Mom, Step-Mom, and Aunts.  After stumbling on it through The Best of Irish Newsletter, this is a great Irish gift website with products ranging from Irish sweaters, shirts, hats and jewelry, to pint glasses, garden decals, and even a lucky bar  of “Money Soap” with a rolled up 1, 5, 10, or 50 dollar bill in it.

I’m sure they’re all $1 bills but you never know you may get lucky! Ha Ha get it?

  • Last, Food, Family, Friends, Fun and obviously BEER! What better way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day then by drinking a nice Irish pint with family and friends?  You’ll be able to wear green, have some fun, and pretend to sing Irish songs like you actually know them (at least that’s what I do) except for “Oh Ah Up the Ra” most people know that one.  You know I’ll be celebrating after work with friends and hopefully jamming to U2 another reason why I love being Irish.  Oh wow I can tell I’m gonna get heat for that comment.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.